1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    1.12115060Engine and gearbox assembly1
    1.12115009Engine and gearbox assembly, type R151
    1.12N/I15096Bellhousing, LHD1
    1.12N/I15097Bellhousing inspection cover, LHD1
    1.12215002Accelerator cable assembly1
    1.12315003Accelerator cable adjuster2
    1.12404001Washer, plain, 3/16" i.d.2
    1.12503001Nut, 3/16" BSF2
    1.12603005Nut, self-locking, 1/4" BSF2
    1.12715063Accelerator cable support bracket1
    1.12815064Accelerator return spring1
    1.12910020Spring tab2
    1.121010021Accelerator spindle1
    1.121115065Accelerator bush1
    1.121205002Split pin, 1/8" dia.1
    1.12N/I15026Solderless nipple for accelerator cable2
    1.121301006Bolt, hex, 5/16" UNF x 3/4" long4
    1.121415067Plate, gearbox mounting1
    1.121515068Insulator, gearbox mounting1
    1.121601001Bolt, hex, 5/16" UNF x 1" long4
    1.121701007Bolt, hex, 5/16" UNF x 1-1/2" long2
    1.121804002Washer, plain, 5/16" i.d.6
    1.121903002Nut, 5/16" UNF6
    1.122001008Bolt, special, hex, M12 x 36mm long1
    1.122115073Bracket, engine mounting2
    1.122215075Insulator, engine mounting2
    1.122315076Plate, engine mounting insulator2
    1.122401003Bolt, hex, 3/8" UNC x 1" long5
    1.122503006Nut, 3/8" UNF4
    1.122604005Washer, spring, 3/8" i.d.4
    1.122704004Washer, plain, 3/8" i.d.5
    1.122815023Temperature sender unit1
    1.122815005Temperature sender unit1
    1.122915078Bleed tap1
    1.123010022Pipe, heater (steel)1
    1.123110023Pipe, rubber1
    1.123215081Pipe clipClip, pipe, special1
    1.123310024Pipe, heater1
    1.123410025Pipe, heater1
    1.123510026Pipe, heater1
    1.123610027Pipe, heater1
    1.123710028Pipe, heater1
    1.123805003Clip, hose, TC00A/R
    1.123905032Clip, hose, TC0A/R
    1.124015085Water valve, heater system c/w mounting1
    1.124102002Screw, cheese, 2BA x 3/4" long2
    1.124204006Washer, plain, 2BA2
    1.124304007Washer, spring, 2BA2
    1.124403007Nut, 2BA2
    1.124515010Water pump1
    1.12N/I15027Adaptor, oil pressure gauge to engine1
    1.124615084Distributor assembly, E15 engines1
    1.124615080Distributor assembly, R15 engines1
    1.124715090Petrol pump1
    1.12N/I15631Gasket, pick-up pipe1
    1.124815091Fan belt1
    1.12N/I15092Oil filter (throwaway type)1
    1.12N/I15093Ignition coil1
    1.124910029Gear lever1
    1.12N/I10044Chrome air cleaner top cover1
    1.12N/I10045Chrome rocker cover RH1
    1.12N/I10046Chrome rocker cover LH1
    1.125004003Washer, spring, 5/16" i.d.4
    1.125116673Dip stick1
    1.12N/I16675Spark plugs6
    1.12N/I16676Plug lead set1
    1.12N/I16677Distributor cap1
    1.12N/I16680Rocker cover gasket2
    1.12N/I16681Air filter element1
    1.12N/I16682Sump gasket kit1
    1.12N/I16683Head gasket kit1
    1.12N/I16684Clutch pressure plate1
    1.12N/I16685Release bearing1
    1.12N/I16687Spigot bearing1
    1.12N/I16689Driven plate1
    1.12N/I025M160AReverse switch1
    1.12N/I16647Speedo driven gear1
    1.12N/I16648Speedo driven gear clamp1
    1.12N/I16649Speedo driven gear seal1
    1.12N/I16717Contact breaker points1
    1.12N/I15454Starter Motor1
    1.12N/I16803Speedo driven gear bearing1
    1.12N/I02039Setscrew, distributor c/b points2
    1.12N/I15227Gear, timing, camshaft1
    1.12N/I15231Bearing, gearbox external housing - standard gearbox1
    1.12N/I15235Oil seal, gearbox external housing - standard gearbox1
    1.12N/I15248Hose, heater, air cleaner assembly1
    1.12N/I15249Gasket, inlet manifold1
    1.12N/I15260Sump, engine1
    1.12N/I15261Plug, drain, engine sump1
    1.12N/I15262Housing, clutch RHD1
    1.12N/I15263Gasket, clutch housing1
    1.12N/I15266Boot, release arm, clutch1
    1.12N/I15275Gasket, gearbox main casing1
    1.12N/I15427Gasket, timing cover1
    1.12N/I15426Grommet, breather pipe1
    1.12N/I15419Pump, oil, engine1
    1.12N/I15310Bush, gear lever base1
    1.12N/I15313Plug, core, 32mm1
    1.12N/I15314Plug, core, 41mm1
    1.12N/I15316Pipe, oil pickup1
    1.12N/I15317Nut, valve adjustment1
    1.12N/I15319Pipe, breather1
    1.12N/I15415Fan, cooling, engine1
    1.12N/I15641Air filter assembly - complete1
    1.12N/I16815Water pump, latest type1
    1.12N/I15663Water valve & mountingWater valve1

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