1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    2.2116430Exhaust gas recirculation valve1
    2.2316432Pipe - EGR valve manifold1
    2.2516434Cut-off valve1
    2.2716436Rubber elbow1
    2.2816438Pipe - Y piece to cut-off valve1
    2.2916439Rubber sleeve1
    2.21116441Rubber sleeve2
    2.21216442Vacuum pipe - Y piece to EGR valve1
    2.21316443Rubber elbow6
    2.21416444Fuel trap3
    2.21516445Clip, fuel traps3
    2.21616446Mounting bracket, fuel trap1
    2.21716447Rubber sleeve1
    2.21816448Pipe, carburettor - fuel trap1
    2.21916449Pipe, carburettor - 'T' piece1
    2.22016450Rubber sleeve2
    2.22116451Pipe, 'T' piece - fuel trap1
    2.22216452Pipe, fuel trap - Vacuum switch1
    2.22316453Rubber elbow1
    2.22416454Fuel trap mounting bracket1
    2.22516455Rubber elbow2
    2.22616456Vacuum pipe carburettor - fuel trap1
    2.22710343Vacuum pipe1
    2.22810344Vacuum pipe1
    2.22916457'T' piece1
    2.23016458Thermo - Vacuum switch1

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