1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    2.42110131Air distribution box1
    2.42202004Screw, self-tapping M8 x 3/4" long17
    2.42310132Air intake hose1
    2.42410133Intermediate hose1
    2.42505015Clip, hoseA/R
    2.42615302Heater matrix1
    2.42710134Air intake box RHD1
    2.42810135Air intake box LHD1
    2.421004040Washer, Tap-itA/R
    2.421115305Heater blower motor assembly, RHD1
    2.421215304Heater blower motor assembly, LHD1
    2.421315300Air Vent4
    2.421415301Air Vent2
    2.421515303'T' Connector - RHD Convertible1
    2.421615159Hose, to vent in crash pad1
    2.421715160Hose, to Tee piece1
    2.421815161Hose, Tee piece to vent in crash pad1
    2.421915162Hose, Tee piece to vent in dash board1
    2.422015163Hose, to vent in dash board1

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