1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    2.441025P004AHeater blower motor assembly RHD1
    2.44115304Heater blower motor assembly, LHD1
    2.44205006Tie wrap (large)A/R
    2.44315852Hose, blower motor to wheelarch air duct1
    2.44415853Hose, intermediate1
    2.44510436Air intake box RHD c/w matrix1
    2.44510437Air intake box LHD c/w matrix1
    2.44610438Air distribution box RHD1
    2.44610439Air distribution box LHD1
    2.44715854Hose to vent in crash pad (short)1
    2.44815300Air Vent4
    2.44915855Hose to vent in crash pad (long)1
    2.441015856Hose from air distribution box to ventilation pipe1
    2.441115857Hose from wheelarch to air vent in dashboard (ventilation) Taimar2
    2.441215303'T' Connector - RHD Convertible1
    2.441315858Hose from wheelarch to "T" connector RHD Convertible1
    2.441415861Hose from "T" connector to RH vent in dashboard RHD Convertible1
    2.441515862Hose from "T" connector to LH vent in dashboard RHD Convertible1
    2.441615302Heater matrix1

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