1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    3.16115384Differential assembly1
    3.16215386Oil seal, pinion1
    3.16315397Oil seal4
    3.16415396Gasket, gear carrier cover1
    3.16N/I15611Spacer, collapsible3
    3.16510166Bracket, stabiliser, differential RH1
    3.16510448Bracket, stabiliser, differential LH 1
    3.16604002Washer, plain, 5/16" i.d.4
    3.16701065Bolt, hex, 5/16" UNC x 1" long4
    3.16804013Washer, plain 1/2" i.d.2
    3.16903013Nut, self-locking, 1/2" UNF2
    3.161001018Bolt, hex, 1/2" UNF x 2-1/2" long2
    3.161115428Bush, rubber2
    3.161210163Carrier, differential1
    3.161301063Bolt, special, hex 7/16" UNC x 1-1/4" long4
    3.161404027Washer, plain, 7/16" i.d.4
    3.161510164Plate, mounting, differential carrier (w/ handbrake cable guides)A/R
    3.161510447Plate, mounting, differential carrier (w/o handbrake cable guides)A/R
    3.161601064Bolt, special, hex 5/8" UNF x 4-1/2" long4
    3.161715385Insulator, mounting, flexible, differential carrier4
    3.161804058Washer, special, 5/8" i.d.4
    3.161904059Washer, special, 5/8" i.d.4
    3.162003027Nut, self-locking 5/8" UNF4
    3.162101027Bolt, hex, 3/8" UNF x 1 1/2" long8
    3.162204004Washer, plain, 3/8" i.d.8
    3.162303012Nut, self-locking 3/8" UNF8
    3.162403013Nut, self-locking, 1/2" UNF4
    3.162504013Washer, plain 1/2" i.d.4
    3.162601018Bolt, hex, 1/2" UNF x 2-1/2" long4
    3.16N/I10165Drive shaft and hub assembly1
    3.16N/I15531Flange, companion, differential to drive shaft2

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