1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    6.10115963Dashboard, veneered finish - 2500M1
    6.10215964Dashboard, padded finish, Black - 3000M1
    6.10215965Dashboard, padded finish, Oatmeal - 3000M1
    6.10210391Dashboard, padded finish, Black1
    6.10210392Dashboard, padded finish, Oatmeal1
    6.10315938Speedometer, MPH1
    6.10316000Speedometer, MPH - 2500M1
    6.10316412Speedometer, KPH1
    6.10316424Speedometer, KPH1
    6.10515969Brake failure warning light (red)1
    6.10615958Main beam warning light (blue)1
    6.10715957Indicator/Trafficator warning light (green)1
    6.10815948Ignition warning light (red)1
    6.10915959Heated rear window warning light (amber)1
    6.101016427Instrument illumination dimmer1
    6.101115933Water temperature gauge1
    6.101215934Oil pressure gauge1
    6.10N/I15979Pipe, oil pressure gauge1
    6.101315935Fuel gauge1
    6.101415932Voltmeter (battery condition indicator)1
    6.101515973Choke assembly1
    6.101615960Seat belt warning light1
    6.101715929EGR Service warning light - 2500M1
    6.101815966Glove box lid, Veneered1
    6.101815967Glove box lid, Black1
    6.101815968Glove box lid, Oatmeal1
    6.101915961Latch assembly, glove box lid1
    6.102015300Air Vent2
    6.102115977Heater control knob & cable assembly1
    6.10N/I15978Decal, heater control knob1
    6.102202029Screw, 2BA x 1 1/2" long8
    6.102304006Washer, plain, 2BA8
    6.102404007Washer, spring, 2BA8
    6.102503007Nut, 2BA8
    6.102616418Plastic cap, domed - dashboard, fixings, Black8
    6.102616426Plastic cap, domed - dashboard, fixings, Oatmeal8
    6.102716406Radio (optional)1
    6.10N/I15927Bulb instrument illumination7
    6.10N/I15927Bulb instrument illumination8
    6.10N/I15928Bulb, warning lamp6
    6.10N/I15872EGR service interval meter - 2500M1
    6.10N/I15873Speedo cable - gearbox to meter - 2500M1
    6.10N/I15874Speedo cable - meter to speedometer - 2500M1
    6.10N/I15039Surround, radio, chrome-plated1
    6.10N/I16796Clock, quartz1
    6.10N/I16871Gauge, Oil Temperature1
    6.10N/I15976Cable, Speedometer1

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