1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    6.18116691Crash pad - Black finish RHD1
    6.18116692Crash pad - Oatmeal finish RHD1
    6.18116693Crash pad - Black finish LHD1
    6.18116694Crash pad - Oatmeal finish LHD1
    6.18210407Crash pad - Black1
    6.18210408Crash pad - Oatmeal1
    6.18210409Crash pad - Black1
    6.18210410Crash pad - Oatmeal1
    6.183A16695Console - Black1
    6.183A16696Console - Oatmeal finish1
    6.183A16695Console - Black1
    6.183A16696Console - Oatmeal finish1
    6.183B10411Console - Black1
    6.183B10412Console - Oatmeal1
    6.183C10415Console - Black1
    6.183C10416Console - Oatmeal1
    6.184A16697Main switch panel - Black1
    6.184A16799Main switch panel - Oatmeal finish1
    6.184A16697Main switch panel - Black1
    6.184A16799Main switch panel - Oatmeal finish1
    6.184B10425Main switch panel - Black1
    6.184B10426Main switch panel - Oatmeal1
    6.184C10428Main switch panel - Black1
    6.184C10429Main switch panel - Oatmeal1
    6.184D10413Main switch panel - Black1
    6.184D10414Main switch panel - Oatmeal1
    6.184E10419Main switch panel - Black1
    6.184E10420Main switch panel - Oatmeal1
    6.184F10421Small switch panel - Black1
    6.184F10422Small switch panel - Oatmeal1
    6.18516698Hazard warning switch1
    6.18515186Hazard warning switch1
    6.18615191Fan switch1
    6.18716700Rear de-frost switch1
    6.18715187Rear de-frost switch1
    6.18816701Lights switch1
    6.18815185Lights switch1
    6.18916702Windscreen washer switch1
    6.18915188Windscreen washer switch1
    6.181016703Windscreen wiper motor switch1
    6.181015189Windscreen wiper motor switch1
    6.181116704Ash tray - chrome1
    6.181116705Ash tray - Black1
    6.1812025M020ACigar lighter1
    6.18N/I15455Switch for electrically operated windows (optional)2
    6.181316707Gaiter, handbrake - Black1
    6.181316708Gaiter, handbrake - Oatmeal1
    6.181416710Gaiter, gearlever - Black1
    6.181416711Gaiter, gearlever - Oatmeal1
    6.181515300Air Vent2
    6.1816A16712Panel assembly - 1600M1
    6.1816A16713Panel assembly - 2500M1
    6.1816A16714Panel assembly - 3000M1
    6.1816A10405Panel assembly - Black1
    6.1816A10406Panel assembly - Oatmeal1
    6.1816A16715Panel assembly - 3000M, overdrive1
    6.1816B10417Panel assembly - Black1
    6.1816B10418Panel assembly - Oatmeal1
    6.181716427Instrument illumination dimmer1
    6.181716793Knob, instrument illumination dimmerKnob, instrument illumination dimmerKnob, instrument illumination dimmer1
    6.181816867Voltmeter (battery condition indicator)1
    6.181916796Clock, quartz1
    6.182016868Fuel gauge1
    6.182110423Lid for console well - Black1
    6.182110424Lid for console well - Oatmeal1
    6.18N/I15463Hinge for console well lid1
    6.18N/I02052Screw, countersunk, self-tapping M6 x 1" long3
    6.18N/I02053Screw, countersunk, 4BA x 1" long3
    6.18N/I04023Washer, plain, 4BA3
    6.18N/I03021Nut, 4BA3
    6.18N/I15464Striker, plastic1
    6.18N/I02054Screw, countersunk, M4 x 1/2" long2
    6.18N/I15465Catch, plastic1
    6.18N/I05011Rivet, pop, 1/8" dia x 1/2" long2

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