1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    6.6215932Voltmeter (battery condition indicator)1
    6.6315933Water temperature gauge1
    6.6415934Oil pressure gauge1
    6.6515935Fuel gauge1
    6.6715938Speedometer, MPH1
    6.6715975Speedometer, MPH1
    6.6N/I15976Cable, Speedometer1
    6.6815940Speedometer reset cable1
    6.6915941Small switch panel1
    6.61215942Windscreen wiper motor switch1
    6.61315943Windscreen washer switch1
    6.61415949Main switch panel1
    6.61615944Hazard warning switch1
    6.61715959Heated rear window warning light (amber)1
    6.61815947Panel light switch1
    6.61915948Ignition warning light (red)1
    6.62015950Side/headlight switch1
    6.62115951Cigar lighter1
    6.62215952Heater motor switch1
    6.62315953Glove box lid1
    6.6N/I15954Glove box latch assembly1
    6.62415955Brake failure warning light (red)1
    6.62415969Brake failure warning light (red)1
    6.62515956Hazard warning light (dark red)1
    6.62615957Indicator/Trafficator warning light (green)1
    6.62715958Main beam warning light (blue)1
    6.62802028Screw, pan head 2BA x 1-1/2" long6
    6.62915962Bracket, dashboard2
    6.63004006Washer, plain, 2BA10
    6.63104007Washer, spring, 2BA8
    6.63203007Nut, 2BA6
    6.63301047Bolt, hex, 2BA x 3/4" long2
    6.6N/I10243Heater control knob & cable assembly1
    6.6N/I15977Heater control knob & cable assembly1
    6.6N/I15978Decal, heater control knob1

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