1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    7.28110269Rail, crash header1
    7.28110379Rail, crash header1
    7.28201061Bolt, domed, 2BA x 1-1/2" long4
    7.28316192Sun visor assembly w/ mirror1
    7.28316193Sun visor assembly w/o mirror1
    7.28416240Windscreen assembly complete w/ glass1
    7.28515173Glass, windscreen, laminated, tinted (Triplex)1
    7.28516231Glass, windscreen, laminated, tinted (Royal Doulton) (USA)1
    7.28516905Glass, windscreen, laminated, clear (Germany)1
    7.28616771Windscreen, inner frame1
    7.28716773Chrome strip, top1
    7.28802047Screw, domed cross, plated, 1/4" UNF x 1/2" long11
    7.28916774Chrome strip, bottom1
    7.281002048Screw, Phillips, countersunk M6 x 1/2" long, chromed8
    7.281110455Rubber seal for bottom of frame1
    7.281201059Bolt, hex, 2BA x 1-1/2" long2
    7.281304007Washer, spring, 2BA2
    7.281403007Nut, 2BA2
    7.281503040Nut, wing, 3/8" UNF2
    7.281615178Bracket, hood catch plate2
    7.281701060Bolt, hex, 1/4" UNF x 1/2" long4
    7.281815208Plate, chrome, hood catch RH1
    7.281815209Plate, chrome, hood catch LH1
    7.281902047Screw, domed cross, plated, 1/4" UNF x 1/2" long4
    7.2820154181/4" flat rubber for side pillars of windscreen2 ft
    7.282105027Stud, turn2
    7.282205028Stud, press4
    7.282302049Screw, self-tapping, countersunk, M4 x 1" long8
    7.282415203Plate, hood attachment RH1
    7.282415204Plate, hood attachment LH1
    7.282510384Nut plate, hood attachment RH1
    7.282510385Nut plate, hood attachment LH1
    7.282601009Bolt, hex, 1/4" UNF x 1" long6
    7.282704009Washer, spring, 1/4" i.d.6
    7.282804008Washer, plain, 1/4" i.d.6
    7.282915416Cleat, hood2
    7.283002042Screw, self-tapping, countersunk, M4 x 1/2" long2
    7.283102050Screw, Phillips, countersunk M5 x 1-1/2" long, chromed4
    7.283204001Washer, plain, 3/16" i.d.4
    7.283303042Nut, M54
    7.283416229Lock (Taimar tailgate/Convertible boot lid)1
    7.283516247Hinge, boot lid2
    7.283604015Washer, penny, 5/16" i.d. x 1-1/2" o.d.2
    7.283703002Nut, 5/16" UNF2
    7.283801010Bolt, hex, 1/4" UNF x 3/4" long4
    7.283904008Washer, plain, 1/4" i.d.4
    7.284016198Strut, gas, boot lid c/w nuts, etc.1
    7.284115164Visor pad w/ mirror1
    7.284115165Visor pad w/o mirror1
    7.284215175Support arm assembly RH2
    7.284315176Support arm assembly LH2
    7.284410390Kick plate2
    7.284505011Rivet, pop, 1/8" dia x 1/2" long10
    7.284610380Striker, boot lid lock1
    7.284702037Screw, countersunk, 3/16" UNF x 1/2" long3
    7.284810381Plate, gas-strut attachment1
    7.284902018Screw, raised Phillips, countersunk self-tapping M6 x 1/2" long4
    7.285015206Bracket, gas-strut attachment RHBracket, gas-strut attachment1
    7.285102046Screw, Phillips, countersunk 1/4" UNF x 3/4" long2
    7.285210382Bracket, gas-strut attachment1
    7.285310451Rear compartment detachable panel1
    7.28N/I10454Boot lid door sealA/R
    7.28N/I15789Seal, solbit front screen1
    7.28N/I16911Cover, boot lock1

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