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Part of camber adjustment for upper swing arm, left or right rear wheel. The washers here are in the same order they were removed.

Rear wheel hub carrier. More on these later.
Right now they are still at the machine shop...

Rear wheel parking brake cable mount to hub carrier.

Stub axle

Toe-In adjuster from either rear swing arm.

The frame and suspension parts are all blasted and ready for paint. The original plan was to nickel plate everything but that would have cost on the order of 20 cents per square inch. The frame and suspension posess something in the neighborhood of 3500 square inches of surface. Then I considered powder coating. A fellow up ( Pat Leask ) north even emailed me a picture of a powder coated frame (very nice). To get it done locally would cost $600. The plan, then, has come to revolve around a product called POR 15 . More on this once it's done.

The hub carriers have been resistant to progress. They are now in professional hands.