1974 TVR 2500M - FOR SALE
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5/7/02 - TVR #3261TM 5 minutes after rolling it off the car carrier. It has been sitting for 15 years exposed to the weather after the first owner broke the key off in the ignition. It has 26100 miles on the clock and sits on it's original tires. The tires would hold air for about 30 minutes.
5/8/02 to 5/9/02 - The car comes apart. The plan was to roll it into my workshop but naturally it is 1/4" too wide to go through the door. I built a platform alongside the shop (where the truck is parked in the picture above ) and put up a 10' x 20' awning.
5/9/02 - Dash board out. Wiring harness labeled. Drawings made. Pics taken. Much beer consumed. Began work on engine compartment things which tie into body. Hope to lift body tomorrow.

5/11/02 - Body removed from chassis. Was secured with 10 bolts, 4 in each seat tub and 2 in the fuel tank area bolted through the rear-most frame rail. The pics from this document how everything went together before it was taken apart.

5/15/02 - Had to leave the car to go offshore for a few days. The wiring harness is now completely off the vehicle as are the brake lines. The right front suspension is now also off. Both doors have been completely disassembled. Due to some sort of  digital camera problem, several pictures were lost so this section is a little sparse.
5/22/02 - The job of course gets in the way of the project and this section is also a little slim on pictures. Plus, the thumbnails are the wrong size. Oops. Both front suspensions are now taken apart and waiting blasting and paint. The left rear is in the works. Currently I am a little concerned about how the lower swing arm bolt is going to come out.
8/15/02 - Work on the car has gone very slowly for the last three months. I have been very busy offshore - it's a busy season this year - and lately, I have been down with first pneumonia and now a broken toe. But things are fixing to get into gear again.
8/21/02 - Finally getting back into the swing. The frame is done and drying. The suspension members are painted as well. The rear hubs are still at the machine shop but the news there is good.
10/28/02 - Clutch slave cylinder, pedal box, and steering rack taken apart and prepared for rebuilding/replacing. Finally got the rear hub carriers back with new swing arm pivot bolts fabricated from grade 8 steel.
11/7/02 - The engine is completely broken down now. Well, except for the oil pump bushing which will not come out and I haven't gotten to the point of serious force against it yet. the pedal box and parts are off to the blaster along with rocker cover, oil pan and timing cover.
6/13/03 - Seven months since the last update to these pages. Pretty much tells the story.  Yet another guy working on a car in his spare time discovers his spare time is not so plentiful as the requisite need. So this TVR is now up for sale. Work on the car continues, however, and the intent is to put this TVR on the track later in the year if nobody buys it before then.