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Clutch slave cylinder

Clutch slave again
(these pics are for reference,
this is how it looks before working on it)

Pedal bod

How the pedals are mounted.

Tie rod sequence of assembley.
The number of shims will vary car to car.

This has not been a very productive month. Nothing much to note on the pics above, except that if you want full size images of any of them, all you have to do is ask.

The slave cylinder is going to be requilt with new parts, however I will be re-using the housing.

The pedal box and associated parts are all off the the blaster and then they'll get repainted. All the original parts are fine and will be re-used. (only 21,600 mile car, rememebr!!)

Of the two tie rods, one was bent about 5 degrees or so. The lower swing arms on that side were also very slightly tweaked. The tie rods will be replaced. As for the swing arms, I am going to leave them as is. The lack of straightness in them is so slight that I think it can be allowed for in the camber/toe adjustment. As both have the same amount of bend, caster should be unaffected, I reckon.