1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    1.16115549Engine and gearbox assembly1
    1.16215555Pipe, special1
    1.16305031Clip, hose, TC24
    1.16415557Sleeve, plastic2
    1.16515067Plate, gearbox mounting1
    1.16615068Insulator, gearbox mounting1
    1.16701001Bolt, hex, 5/16" UNF x 1" long4
    1.16801007Bolt, hex, 5/16" UNF x 1-1/2" long2
    1.16904002Washer, plain, 5/16" i.d.6
    1.161003002Nut, 5/16" UNF6
    1.161101008Bolt, special, hex, M12 x 36mm long1
    1.161215073Bracket, engine mounting2
    1.161315075Insulator, engine mounting2
    1.161415076Plate, engine mounting insulator2
    1.161501003Bolt, hex, 3/8" UNC x 1" long5
    1.161603006Nut, 3/8" UNF4
    1.161704005Washer, spring, 3/8" i.d.4
    1.161804004Washer, plain, 3/8" i.d.5
    1.161915081Pipe clipClip, pipe, special1
    1.162010022Pipe, heater (steel)1
    1.162110023Pipe, rubber1
    1.162210024Pipe, heater1
    1.162315578Air filter assembly - complete1
    1.162416780Element, air filter1
    1.162515579Cover, air filter1
    1.162615580Fuel regulator valve1
    1.162715010Water pump1
    1.162816806Oil cooler1
    1.162915628Hose, oil cooler to filter1
    1.163015629Hose, oil filter to cooler1
    1.163115413Fan belt1
    1.163215561Distributor assembly1
    1.163415092Oil filter (throwaway type)1
    1.163510029Gear lever1
    1.163610045Chrome rocker cover RH1
    1.163610046Chrome rocker cover LH1
    1.163715656Hose, air filter to air box1
    1.163815657Hose, air filter to tee piece1
    1.163915658Hose, tee-piece to RH rocker cover1
    1.164015660Hose, tee-piece to LH rocker cover1
    1.164115651Clip, hose, special2
    1.164215687Tee piece1
    1.16N/I15581Fuel-filter - small1
    1.16N/I16927Overhaul kit - Turbocharger1
    1.16N/I06060Oil cooler adaptor1
    1.16N/I15023Temperature sender unit1
    1.16N/I15005Temperature sender unit1
    1.16N/I15078Bleed tap1
    1.16N/I10025Pipe, heater1
    1.16N/I10026Pipe, heater1
    1.16N/I10027Pipe, heater1
    1.16N/I10028Pipe, heater1
    1.16N/I05017Clip, hose, TC000A/R
    1.16N/I05003Clip, hose, TC00A/R
    1.16N/I05032Clip, hose, TC0A/R
    1.16N/I16779Plug, spark6
    1.16N/I16673Dip stick1
    1.16N/I15582Oil feed adaptor1
    1.16N/I15583Seal, oil feed adaptor1
    1.16N/I01066Bolt, special, countersunk, 5/16" UNC x 2-1/2" long1
    1.16N/I01067Bolt, special, hex, 5/16" UNC x 2-1/2" long5
    1.16N/I15584Union, 5/8" BSP x 901
    1.16N/I15589Return pipe spring1
    1.16N/I15590Union, 3/4" BSP x 901
    1.16N/I15591'P' clip1
    1.16N/I15592Union, 3/4" BSP straight1
    1.16N/I15593Union, 3/4" BSP straight (adaptor)1
    1.16N/I15596Pipe, 90%1
    1.16N/I15597Pipe, "U"1
    1.16N/I05033'O' Clip 5/16"A/R
    1.16N/I05034'O' Clip 1/2"A/R
    1.16N/I05035'O' Clip 9/16"A/R
    1.16N/I05036'O' Clip 5/8"A/R
    1.16N/I05037'O' Clip 3/4"A/R
    1.16N/I05038'O' Clip 7/8"A/R
    1.16N/I05039'O' Clip 1-1/8"A/R
    1.16N/I15617Pipe, fuel pump to regulator valve1
    1.16N/I15623Pipe, fuel regulator valve to fuel tank1
    1.16N/I15642Hose, fuel regulator valve to air box1
    1.16N/I15643Hose, air box to fuel regulator valve1
    1.16N/I15653Hose, air filter to turbocharger1
    1.16N/I15654Hose, air box to heating system1
    1.16N/I15655Hose, heating system to air box1
    1.16N/I15649Petrol pipe reducer1

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