1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    1.8115044Engine and gearbox assembly1
    1.8115058Engine and gearbox assembly1
    1.8115059Engine and gearbox assembly1
    1.8116658Engine and gearbox assembly1
    1.8215031Water valve extension1
    1.8315016Water valve, heater system1
    1.8N/I16413Heater cable trunnion1
    1.8N/I16414Heater cable trunnion screw1
    1.8515032Gearbox mounting adapter plate1
    1.8615033Gearbox mounting spacer plate1
    1.8710011Gearbox mounting plate1
    1.8815034Gearbox mounting insulator2
    1.8903002Nut, 5/16" UNF6
    1.81001004Bolt, hex, 1/2" UNF x 1 1/2" long2
    1.81104039Washer, star, 1/2" i.d.2
    1.81203004Nut, 1/2" UNF2
    1.81301001Bolt, hex, 5/16" UNF x 1" long4
    1.81404003Washer, spring, 5/16" i.d.6
    1.81504002Washer, plain, 5/16" i.d.2
    1.81601005Bolt, hex, 3/8" UNF x 3/4" long2
    1.81704005Washer, spring, 3/8" i.d.2
    1.81803006Nut, 3/8" UNF2
    1.81915045Engine mounting insulator2
    1.82015046Fan belt (up to 70/74)1
    1.82015098Fan belt1
    1.821A10012Thermostat housing1
    1.821B10018Thermostat housing1
    1.82202001Setscrew, 5/16" UNF x 1" long2
    1.82415047Gasket, thermostat housing1
    1.8N/I15088Distributor assembly1
    1.8N/I15089Distributor assembly1
    1.8N/I15099Distributor assembly1
    1.8N/I15050Ignition coil1
    1.8N/I15051Oil Filter assembly1
    1.82610014Air filter assembly1
    1.82715166Carburettor, rear1
    1.82715167Carburettor, rear1
    1.82715168Carburettor, rear1
    1.82815169Carburettor, front1
    1.82815194Carburettor, front1
    1.82815195Carburettor, front1
    1.8N/I15026Solderless nipple for accelerator cable1
    1.82915054Deceleration valve assembly1
    1.82915196Deceleration valve assembly1
    1.83015055Gearbox mounting insulator (early cars)1
    1.83110015Gearbox mounting plate (early cars)1
    1.83215056Gear knob leather1
    1.83310016Gear lever1
    1.83515197Air pump1
    1.83615198Air pump belt1
    1.8N/I15094Petrol pump1
    1.83716364Throttle linkage support bracket1
    1.83816365Bellcrank c/w control rod1
    1.83901046Bolt, shoulder 3/8" UNF x 1" long1
    1.84004004Washer, plain, 3/8" i.d.1
    1.84103012Nut, self-locking 3/8" UNF1
    1.84216367Throttle cable clamp c/w grub screw1
    1.84304039Washer, star, 1/2" i.d.2
    1.84416650Rocket cover1
    1.8N/I16651Rocket cover, gasket1
    1.84516652Air filter element1
    1.8N/I16653Spark plugs6
    1.8N/I16654Plugs leads set1
    1.8N/I16655Distributor cap1
    1.8N/I16659Contact breaker points1
    1.8N/I16662Water pump1
    1.8N/I16656Water pump1
    1.8N/I16663Sump gasket kit1
    1.8N/I16664Head gasket set1
    1.8N/I16657Head gasket set1
    1.8N/I16666Clutch pressure plate1
    1.8N/I16667Release bearing1
    1.8N/I16669Spigot bearing1
    1.8N/I16671Driven plate1
    1.8N/I16672Reverse switch1
    1.8N/I16647Speedo driven gear1
    1.8N/I16665Dip stick1
    1.8N/I15770Starter Motor1
    1.8N/I15772Rotor arm1
    1.8N/I16932Air Filter Assy.1

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