1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    2.4115108Carbon canister1
    2.4115110Carbon canister1
    2.4215109Mounting bracket carbon canister and anti-run-on valve1
    2.4310042Mounting bracket1
    2.4401009Bolt, hex, 1/4" UNF x 1" long1
    2.4504008Washer, plain, 1/4" i.d.4
    2.4604009Washer, spring, 1/4" i.d.2
    2.4703008Nut, 1/4" UNF2
    2.4801010Bolt, hex, 1/4" UNF x 3/4" long1
    2.4902003Screw, round, 2BA x 1" long1
    2.41004006Washer, plain, 2BA2
    2.41104007Washer, spring, 2BA1
    2.41203007Nut, 2BA1
    2.41315122Anti run-on valve1
    2.41415123Hose anti run-on valve to charcoal canister1
    2.41510039Pipe, connecting1
    2.41610040Pipe, connecting1
    2.41710041Pipe, connecting1
    2.41815102Restrictor small1
    2.41910034Emission pipe canister to tee piece1
    2.42015101Tee piece, large2
    2.42110030Emission control pipe, tee piece to rear carburettor1
    2.42310031Emission pipe, tee piece to tee piece1
    2.42410032Emission pipe, tee piece to rocker cover1
    2.42510033Emission pipe, tee piece to front carburettor1
    2.42704010Washer, fibre2
    2.42810038Hose, Brake servo1
    2.42910037Emission pipe, carbon canister to tee piece1
    2.43015103Tee piece, small1
    2.43110036Emission pipe, tee piece to front carburettor1
    2.43210035Emission pipe, tee piece to rear carburettor1
    2.43401011Bolt, banjo1
    2.43616430Exhaust gas recirculation valve1
    2.43716153Pipe - EGR valve manifold1
    2.43916444Fuel trap2
    2.44016445Clip, fuel traps2
    2.44116446Mounting bracket, fuel trap2
    2.44216154Rubber sleeve2
    2.44316155Pipe, between carburettors1
    2.44416156Hose, connecting1
    2.44516157Pipe, hose to union1
    2.44616158Rubber elbow4
    2.44716159Rubber sleeve4
    2.44816160Pipe, front carburettor to fuel trap1
    2.44916161Pipe, fuel trap to elbow1
    2.45016162Pipe, EGR valve to fuel trap1
    2.45116163Pipe, fuel trap to rear carburettor1
    2.45215537Braided pipe assy.1

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