1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    2.8115154Fuel tank1
    2.82030L002AFuel level sender unit1
    2.8315150Locking ring to tank1
    2.8415149Sealing ring to tank1
    2.8510059Tank support strap2
    2.8610050Anti vibration strip2
    2.8701012Bolt, hex, 1/4" UNF x 2-1/2" long2
    2.8804008Washer, plain, 1/4" i.d.2
    2.8904009Washer, spring, 1/4" i.d.2
    2.81003008Nut, 1/4" UNF2
    2.81115130Hose, tank to pump line1
    2.81215111Hose, tank to tee-piece1
    2.81415113Hose, connecting1
    2.81515114Pipe, connecting hose to carburettor1
    2.81615115Hose, tee-piece to filler cap1
    2.81715131Filler cap, locking (optional)1
    2.81715158Filler cap, non-locking1
    2.818025L024ASealing ring to body1
    2.81910054Filler hose1
    2.82015132Hose connecting, filler cap to pipe1
    2.82115116Pipe, filler cap to air1
    2.82805006Tie wrap (large)A/R
    2.82905016Clip, hose, TC32
    2.83005003Clip, hose, TC004
    2.8N/I15320Fuel filter, large (Turbo)1

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