1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    3.2-10150Differential Assembly1
    3.2-10151Drive shaft and hub assembly2
    3.2101018Bolt, hex, 1/2" UNF x 2-1/2" long10
    3.2204013Washer, plain 1/2" i.d.44
    3.2310152Axle housing1
    3.2415340Plug, filler/level1
    3.2515341Bush, mounting2
    3.2604026Washer, fibre, 3/8" i.d.6
    3.2701036Bolt, hex, socket, 3/8" UNF x 1/2" long6
    3.2805012Stud, 7/16" UNF x 7-1/2" long1
    3.2904027Washer, plain, 7/16" i.d.2
    3.21003026Nut, self-locking, 7/16" UNF2
    3.21115346Rear axle nose plate1
    3.21204005Washer, spring, 3/8" i.d.4
    3.21301048Bolt, special, hex4
    3.21415349Housing assembly1
    3.215-Bearing Cups - not serviced2
    3.21601049Bolt, special4
    3.21704005Washer, spring, 3/8" i.d.4
    3.21815353Differential casing1
    3.22015350Shim, 0.0025"/0.0035"A/R
    3.22015351Shim, 0.0045"/0.0055"A/R
    3.22015352Shim, 0.0092"/0.0098"A/R
    3.22015355Shim, 0.019"/0.021"A/R
    3.22115356Crown wheel and pinion (3.89:1)1
    3.22115357Crown wheel and pinion (4.10:1)1
    3.22201050Bolt, special8
    3.22315359Differential gear2
    3.22415360Washer, thrust2
    3.22515361Differential pinion2
    3.22615334Washer, thrust, 0.027"A/R
    3.22615335Washer, thrust, 0.029"A/R
    3.22615336Washer, thrust, 0.030"/0.032"A/R
    3.22615337Washer, thrust, 0.033"A/R
    3.22615338Washer, thrust, 0.035"A/R
    3.22615339Washer, thrust, 0.037"A/R
    3.22615342Washer, thrust, 0.039"A/R
    3.22615344Washer, thrust, 0.041"A/R
    3.22615362Washer, thrust, 0.043"A/R
    3.22715363Differential cross pin1
    3.22815364Locating pin1
    3.23015345Shim, 0.075"A/R
    3.23015366Shim, 0.076"A/R
    3.23015372Shim, 0.077"A/R
    3.23015373Shim, 0.078"A/R
    3.23015374Shim, 0.079"A/R
    3.23015376Shim, 0.0795"A/R
    3.23015377Shim, 0.080"A/R
    3.23215347Shim 0.003"A/R
    3.23215348Shim 0.005"A/R
    3.23215358Shim 0.010"A/R
    3.23215368Shim 0.030"A/R
    3.23415370Seal, oil1
    3.23604043Washer, special1
    3.23703035Nut, self-locking, special1
    3.23815383Cap, blanking1
    3.24001051Bolt, special, hex8
    3.24104003Washer, spring, 5/16" i.d.8
    3.24215378Inner axle shaft2
    3.24515381Cap, bearing retaining2
    3.24615382Seal, oil2
    3.24702030Screw, special8
    3.24804009Washer, spring, 1/4" i.d.8
    3.24901037Bolt, special, hex, 3/8" UNF x 1.13" long12
    3.25003012Nut, self-locking 3/8" UNF12
    3.252025F026AUniversal joint assembly4
    3.25415390Clip, large2
    3.25615392Clip, small2
    3.25715393Sliding half shaft2
    3.25815394Outer axle shaft2
    3.26003033Nut, self-locking, special outer (thin)2
    3.26003034Nut, self-locking, special inner (thick)2
    3.26104042Washer, tab, special2
    3.26215399Stone guard2
    3.26415401Seal, oil, inner2
    3.26515402Bearing, inner2
    3.26715404Hub carrier casting2
    3.26915406Hub, outer2
    3.27015407Bearing, outer2
    3.27115408Oil seal, outer2
    3.27315410Driving flange and hub assembly2
    3.27404044Washer, special2
    3.27503036Nut, castllated, special2
    3.27610154Upper wishboneUpper wishbone2
    3.27810155Suspension pin2
    3.27915414Sleeve, track adjusting2
    3.28003028Nut, self-locking, 1" UNF2
    3.28110156Lower wishboneLower wishbone2
    3.28204028Washer, heavy duty 1/2" i.d.4
    3.28304029Washer, camber adjusting, 1/2" i.d.A/R
    3.28410160Suspension pin, camber adjusting4
    3.28501038Bolt, hex, 1/2" UNF x 6" long2
    3.28610157Pivot rod, short2
    3.28710158Pivot rod, long2
    3.28815420Retaining ring2
    3.28915421Locating ring, top2
    3.29115423Spacer, bottom2
    3.29215424Shock absorber2
    3.29215086Shock absorber2
    3.29303002Nut, 5/16" UNF12
    3.29404003Washer, spring, 5/16" i.d.12
    3.29504002Washer, plain, 5/16" i.d.12
    3.29615428Bush, rubber16
    3.29715603Bush, rubber4
    3.29805002Split pin, 1/8" dia.2

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