1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    6.22115980Steering lock/ignition switch c/w shear bolts1
    6.22315982Switch assembly1
    6.22415983Switch cover1
    6.22515448Steering lock/ignition switch c/w shear bolts1
    6.22815984Horn, low tone1
    6.22915985Horn, high tone1
    6.221016026Coil ballast resistor1
    6.2212025M052ARelay, starter1
    6.221215451Relay, cooling fan or fuel pump1
    6.221215451Relay, cooling fan or fuel pump1
    6.2213025M110Cap for relays2
    6.221416004Switch, door courtesy lightSwitch, ignition key warning2
    6.221416004Switch, door courtesy lightSwitch, ignition key warning1
    6.221502014Screw, round, 4BA x 1" long4
    6.221604023Washer, plain, 4BA4
    6.221703021Nut, 4BA4
    6.221902055Screw, round, 4BA x 1/2" long2
    6.222003021Nut, 4BA2
    6.222104023Washer, plain, 4BA2
    6.222215995Flasher unit1
    6.222315996Flasher unit, turn signal & hazard warning1
    6.222315996Flasher unit, turn signal & hazard warning1
    6.222415522Flasher unit, turn signal or hazard warning1
    6.222415522Flasher unit, turn signal or hazard warning1
    6.222515523Cap for flasher units2
    6.222615997Switch, brake light1
    6.222715986Solenoid, starter1
    6.222801029Bolt, hex, 2BA x 1" long2
    6.222904006Washer, plain, 2BA4
    6.223003007Nut, 2BA2
    6.223115987Brake failure switch connector1
    6.223215524Diode for fuel pump relay1
    6.223315525Diode for fuel pump relay1
    6.223416005In-line fuse holder4
    6.223516006Fuse 5 amp1
    6.223516007Fuse 35 amp (17 amp continuous)2
    6.223516008Fuse 50 amp (25 amp continuous)1
    6.223615988Fuse box1
    6.223816007Fuse 35 amp (17 amp continuous)2
    6.223816008Fuse 50 amp (25 amp continuous)2
    6.223902004Screw, self-tapping M8 x 3/4" long2
    6.224015435Fuse box1
    6.224115436Cover, fuse box1
    6.224216007Fuse 35 amp (17 amp continuous)2
    6.224316008Fuse 50 amp (25 amp continuous)2
    6.224516009Regulator - 1600M only1
    6.224615991Headlamp dip switch1
    6.224715998Turn indicator switch, c/w screws & shakeproof washers1
    6.224816099Switch, windscreen wiper/washer1
    6.224815538Switch, windscreen wiper/washer, c/w screws1
    6.224915437Connector, 5 way, for wiper switch1
    6.225016030Switch, horn/headlight dip/indicator1
    6.225015539Switch, horn/headlight dip/indicator, c/w screws1
    6.225115438Connector, 9 way, for horn switch1
    6.225215992Horn button1
    6.225315993Spring clip1
    6.225415994Connector, horn button1
    6.225516355Horn button, Astrali, 4.5" dia.1
    6.225516028Horn button, Astrali, 3.5" dia.1
    6.225516100Horn button, 100+1
    6.225616356Badge, horn button1
    6.225716001Connector, singleA/R
    6.225816002Connector, doubleA/R
    6.225916421Connector, three-wayA/R
    6.226015439Connector, three-way (special)A/R
    6.226115440Connector, five-way (special)A/R
    6.22N/I16032Buzzer, ignition key warning system1
    6.22N/I15037Starter interlock box - metal type1
    6.22N/I15038Starter interlock box - plastic type1
    6.22N/I15201Solenoid, lock1
    6.22N/I15200Switch, lock solenoid1
    6.22N/I15664Connector, five-wayA/R
    6.22N/I16023Carrier, battery1
    6.22N/I16024Stay, side, battery2
    6.22N/I16025Clamp, top, battery1
    6.22N/I03032Nut, wing, 1/4" UNF2
    6.22N/I01009Bolt, hex, 1/4" UNF x 1" long4
    6.22N/I04008Washer, plain, 1/4" i.d.4
    6.22N/I04012Washer, penny, 1/4" i.d.4
    6.22N/I04009Washer, spring, 1/4" i.d.4
    6.22N/I03008Nut, 1/4" UNF4
    6.22N/I15519Strap, battery1
    6.22N/I15520'D' Ring1
    6.22N/I02002Screw, cheese, 2BA x 3/4" long2
    6.22N/I16011Main wiring harness - 1600M1
    6.22N/I16012Main wiring harness - 2500M1
    6.22N/I16034Main wiring harness - 2500M1
    6.22N/I16013Main wiring harness - 3000M1
    6.22N/I15441Main wiring harness incl. Alternator & engine bay1
    6.22N/I16035Engine bay wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16038Alternator wiring harness - 3000M1
    6.22N/I16036Body wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16031Dashboard wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16039Dashboard illumination wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16014Bonnet wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16015Windscreen wiper motor wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16016Interior light/door switch wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16017Earth lead, battery to chassis1
    6.22N/I16018Earth lead, chassis to engine1
    6.22N/I16019Positive lead, battery to solenoid, 25" long1
    6.22N/I16020Positive lead, battery to solenoid, 50" long1
    6.22N/I16021Positive lead, remote solenoid to starter solenoid, 25" long1
    6.22N/I16037Alternator wiring harness - 2500M1
    6.22N/I16419Interior light wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16033Starter interlock wiring harness - 2500M1
    6.22N/I16420Courtesy light wiring harness1
    6.22N/I16791Earth lead1
    6.22N/I15516Extension lead, speaker1
    6.22N/I16403Extension lead, aerial1
    6.22N/I15937Pump assembly, fuel, electric - Turbo1
    6.22N/I16781Aerial extension, short (optional)1
    6.22N/I16782Aerial, fully automatic (optional)1
    6.22N/I16783Suppressor, set, wiper motor1
    6.22N/I16785Choke, in-line redA/R
    6.22N/I16786Suppressor 0.2A/R
    6.22N/I16787Suppressor 2.2, one leadA/R
    6.22N/I16788Suppressor 2.2, two leadsA/R
    6.22N/I16789Suppressor 3.0A/R
    6.22N/I16790Suppressor 0.5A/R
    6.22N/I16405Suppressor 1.0A/R
    6.22N/I15201Solenoid, lock1
    6.22N/I15200Switch, lock solenoid1
    6.22N/I15214Electronic box, Piranha ignition1
    6.22N/I16422Grommet 3/4" i.d.A/R
    6.22N/I16423Grommet 1-1/4" i.d.A/R
    6.22N/I16400Speaker baffle and grille2
    6.22N/I164016.5" round speaker2
    6.22N/I16404Screening foil1
    6.22N/I025N034AVoltage stabilizer1
    6.22N/I16354Horn slip ring and insulator1
    6.22N/I05006Tie wrap (large)A/R
    6.22N/I05026Tie wrap (medium)A/R
    6.22N/I05040Tie wrap (small)A/R
    6.22N/I16792Suppressor 1-0 MF (metal)A/R

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