1974 TVR 2500M

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  • PageItem No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
    6.34116270Registration plate lamp assembly1
    6.34216271Registration plate lamp cover1
    6.34316272Registration plate lamp lens, RH1
    6.34416273Registration plate lamp lens, LH1
    6.34516274Registration plate lamp bulb2
    6.34N/I16275Registration plate lamp bulbholder, interior2
    6.346-Base (not serviced)1
    6.34702027Screw, Phillips, 2BA x 1/2" long2
    6.34816277Registration plate lamp gasket1
    6.34904006Washer, plain, 2BA2
    6.341004007Washer, spring, 2BA2
    6.341103007Nut, 2BA2
    6.341216281Registration plate lamp grommet1
    6.341316285Taillamp assembly RH w/ amber sidemarker1
    6.341316286Taillamp assembly LH w/ amber sidemarker1
    6.341316314Taillamp assembly RH w/ red sidemarker1
    6.341316315Taillamp assembly LH w/ red sidemarker1
    6.341416287Lens, rear flasher (amber) RH1
    6.341416288Lens, rear flasher (amber) LH1
    6.341516289Lens, rear stop/tail (red) RH1
    6.341516290Lens, rear stop/tail (red) LH1
    6.341616291Lens, rear reverse (white) RH1
    6.341616292Lens, rear reverse (white) LH1
    6.341716293Lens, rear side marker (amber) RH1
    6.341716294Lens, rear side marker (amber) LH1
    6.341716312Lens, rear side marker (red) RH1
    6.341716313Lens, rear side marker (red) LH1
    6.341816295Gasket, rear tail lamp assembly2
    6.3419-Screw (not serviced)20
    6.3420-Base (not serviced)2
    6.342116301Bulbholder, flasher/reverse2
    6.342216298Bulb, flasher2
    6.342316299Bulbholder, stop/tail2
    6.342416300Bulb, stop/tail2
    6.342516301Bulbholder, flasher/reverse2
    6.342616302Bulb, reverse2
    6.342716303Bulbholder, side marker2
    6.342816304Bulb, side marker2
    6.342916305Gasket, rear tail lamp assembly2
    6.343003007Nut, 2BA12
    6.343104007Washer, spring, 2BA12
    6.343204006Washer, plain, 2BA12
    6.343316380Interior lamp assembly1
    6.343416381Interior lamp base and switch1
    6.343516088Interior lamp bulb1
    6.343616382Interior lamp lens1
    6.343716279Side/flasher lamp assembly RH1
    6.343716280Side/flasher lamp assembly LH1
    6.343816276Side/flasher lamp gasket2
    6.343916282Side/flasher lamp base2
    6.344016093Sidemarker lamp bulb2
    6.344116094Flasher lamp bulb2
    6.344216278Side/flasher lamp gasket2
    6.344316283Side/flasher lamp lens2
    6.3444-Bolt (not serviced)4
    6.344516118Side marker assembly (amber) RH front/LH rear2
    6.344516119Side marker assembly (amber) LH front/RH rear2
    6.344516134Side marker assembly (red) RH rear - USA1
    6.344516135Side marker assembly (red) LH rear - USA1
    6.344603007Nut, 2BA8
    6.344704006Washer, plain, 2BA8
    6.344816056Side marker assembly lamp base4
    6.344916051Side marker assembly bulb4
    6.345016052Side marker assembly gasket4
    6.345116059Side marker assembly lens4
    6.3452-Bolt (not serviced)4
    6.345316316Tail lamp assembly RH1
    6.345316317Tail lamp assembly LH1
    6.345316318Tail lamp assembly RH1
    6.345316319Tail lamp assembly LH1
    6.345416327Lens, reverse (white)2
    6.345516775Lens, tail flasher (amber)2
    6.345516326Lens, tail flasher (red) - USA2
    6.345616325Lens, stop/tail (red)2
    6.3457-Gasket (not serviced)2
    6.345816300Bulb, stop/tail2
    6.345916298Bulb, flasher2
    6.346016302Bulb, reverse2
    6.3461-Base (not serviced)2
    6.346216881Gasket - not serviced2
    6.346316299Bulbholder, stop/tail2
    6.346416301Bulbholder, flasher/reverse4
    6.346504006Washer, plain, 2BA14
    6.346603007Nut, 2BA14

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